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Employment Conditions


The Commission on Employment Conditions is responsible for studying, analyzing and reporting to the Executive Committee (EC) and Staff Council on the different areas of CERN employment conditions:

  • Remuneration
  • Advancement
  • Working hours
  • Quality of life at work
  • Recruitment and retention

In these areas, its mission consists mainly in:

  • studying and giving its opinion on proposals made by the administration
  • registering the needs of the staff
  • making proposals to improve these conditions


Programme and action plan

  • Mini-assizes on the subject of motivation
  • Five-Yearly Review: preparation of the survey and its analysis


Meetings of the commission

The commission meets on Thursday from 16.00 to 17.30, as often as necessary to deal with all subjects, and at least twice a month.



Serge Grillot, Silvia Schuh-Erhard


If you want to read the minutes of the last meeting, don't hesitate to contact your delegate.