CERN Accelerating science

Executive Committee




The Executive Committee is elected by the Staff Council. It is accountable to the Staff Council for its activities. It gives a report of these at each meeting of the latter.

Its competence and responsibilities are, in particular, to :

  1. represent the staff in discussions, concertation and negotiation with the Director-General or his representatives and with the representatives of the Member States;
  2. inform the Director-General or his representatives and the representatives of the Member States of the opinions and wishes of staff members on all matters which concern the latter;
  3. organize the collection of Association subscription fees, receive any donations or subsidies given to the Association, take out loans decided by the Staff Council and ensure the management of these funds;
  4. distribute the necessary documents, in particular the agenda, to the members of the Staff Council in due time before each meeting of the latter;
  5. provide regular information to the members of the Association and to all staff members;
  6. represent the Association in similar groups set up within other international organizations or in the CERN Member States or who have relations with CERN;
  7. carry out the decisions taken by the Staff Council or the General Assembly;
  8. ensure that the Association runs smoothly and that the Statutes are respected;
  9. make proposals to the Staff Council and the General Assembly;
  10. carry out tasks and activities that are not assigned to another body.



The Executive Committee comprises a minimum of nine members with as fair a representation of the electoral colleges of staff members as possible.

The following statutory posts are filled by the members of the Executive Committee:

  • President,
  • Vice-President,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer.