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General Assembly (SAPC, IV)


The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Staff Association. The General Assembly in ordinary session is competent, in particular, to:

  1. discuss and approve the activity report and financial report prepared and presented by the outgoing Executive Committee in January;
  2. ratify any amendments to the Statutes adopted by the Staff Council;
  3. set out the bases of the general action of the Association and perform any other duties compatible with these Statutes;
  4. approve, after any amendments, the subscription rates and the budget recommended by the Staff Council.

Its jurisdiction extends also to all other points proposed by the Staff Council, and all the written items proposed by the members of the Association according to the provisions hereof.

The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session, during the first half of each calendar year upon convocation by the Staff Council. 

The convocation and the agenda of the regular sessions of the General Assembly proposed by the Staff Council are published, respectively, 30 and 10 days before the date of the session. 

Any member of the Association may attend the General Assembly. 

Link to the 2014 Statutes of the Staff Association.