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Health and Safety


Examine all aspects of health and safety at work or which have an impact on our health and pension schemes. Communicate any remarks or proposals concerning these issues to the competent bodies and Management. Ensure the link with all health and safety bodies at CERN. The Commission reports to Staff Council and the Executive Committee.

Safety at CERN is everbody’s business and is an integral part of our daily work. The Commission wishes to actively work on increasing awareness and changing mentality in this area.


Programme – plan of action

  • Safety training policy (short term, LHC operation).
  • Compile a list of health issues, examine the situation, make poposals (medium term, work sites and contracts).
  • Health problems at work, in particular connected to a work overload (short term, stress and burnout).
  • Consequences of the maintenance policy for safety at work.
  • Prevention of non work-related accidents.
  • Information and communication via the Echo bulletin.


Meetings of the commission

The Commission meets on the last Tuesday of each month from 16.00 to 17.00. The frequency of these meetings is adapted if necessary.

The Committee meets once every quarter, but this frequency can be adapted according to the needs.


Oliver Boettcher


Mailing list

Those interested in the activities of this commission can contact the chair, who manages the mailing list.