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Individual Cases Commission


The mission of the CAPA is to assist members of the Association who are facing difficult situations, including disputes with colleagues, with their hierarchy and, more generally, with the Organization. Depending on the situation, the CAPA may also make a recommendation to the Executive Committee to assist persons who are not members of the Association.


Scope of activities

In order to fulfil its mission, the CAPA shall:

  • inform, advise and assist the members of the personnel who request its help, in accordance with Article I.1.3 of the Statutes of the Association;
  • meet, in confidence, with the services of Human Resources, the hierarchy, the Ombud and any other relevant service in order to find a solution to situations and disputes submitted to its consideration, in agreement with the member or members of the personnel who have requested assistance from the Commission;
  • prepare annual statistics on the types of cases handled and identify, for the Council’s attention, areas of improvement in the conditions of employment of the personnel;
  • train its members on the basis of anonymous case studies.



In order to fulfil its mission, the CAPA:

  • shall be composed of one or two coordinators and members, who are appointed by the Council on a proposal from the Executive Committee;
  • shall draw up its rules of procedure and submit them for approval to the Executive Committee;
  • shall receive, to the extent possible, logistical support from the Secretariat of the Association for document management, as well as the establishment and maintenance of tools and databases;
  • may seek external legal assistance and has a budget to this end;
  • may seek psychological support for members of the Commission should they feel the need for it;
  • may provide its members with training related to its mission.



Sébastien Evrard (Chair), Sigrid Knoops (Chair), Serge Grillot, Dominique Denuzière.