CERN Accelerating science



The mission of the In-Form-Action Commission is to:

  • set up any necessary means to keep the CERN personnel (hereinafter referred to as the “Personnel”) and, more broadly, the CERN community, informed through all the communication channels made available;
  • prepare and implement, following a decision of the Executive Committee or the Council, actions and events with the purpose of informing and bringing together the Personnel and mobilising it, especially in times of crisis;
  • assist the Executive Committee in the implementation of training courses for the delegates in order to enable them to fulfil their mission within the Association.


Scope of activities

In order to fulfil its mission, the In-Form-Action Commission shall:

  • strive to stay informed of ongoing affairs, as well as messages and actions that the Association, via the Executive Committee or the Council, wishes to convey to the Personnel and to the CERN community;
  • manage notice boards and posters of the Association on the CERN site;
  • organise various events and meetings planned by the Executive Committee or the Council;
  • manage all aspects relating to the commercial and entertainment activities of the Association and, in particular, business partnerships;
  • help identify the training needs of delegates, together with the Executive Committee, which is in charge of developing a training programme.




In order to fulfil its mission, the In-Form-Action Commission:

  • shall be composed of one or two coordinators and members, who are all from the Council and appointed by it; in accordance with Article V.5.7 of the Statutes of the Association, members may also be appointed by the Council from among the members of the Association;
  • shall receive, to the extent possible, logistical support from the Secretariat of the Association for document management, as well as the establishment and maintenance of tools and databases;
  • may collaborate with other internal commissions and bodies of the Association to carry out its mission;
  • may, with the agreement of the Executive Committee and/or the Council, engage the services of experts, for instance for developing tools to facilitate communication with the colleagues;

may provide its members with training related to its mission.




Céline Grobon, Yves Sillanoli