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Develop a communication strategy (Information), put in place a unity of staff mobilization and action (Action) and promote delegate training (Formation  [training]), in order to enhance, support and professionalize the activities of the Staff Association.

The Information section is a source of proposals for publications intended for public communication of the Staff Association (Echo, web site, posters, flyers, etc.).

The Action section is in charge of organizing all actions aiming to inform the staff (posters, mailing, demonstrations, etc.), highlight the points of view of the Staff Association and mobilize the staff in a crisis period.

The Formation  [training] section is responsible for training Staff Council delegates, to give them the means to fully carry out their role in the Staff Association (this is done through their welcome, training, follow-up, coordination, etc.).

The In-Form-Action Commission has executive powers, as it carries out the role of direct intermediary between the Bureau and Executive Committee and Staff Council and can take immediate action at any time, on recommendation of the latter two bodies. A mandate by Staff Council is often required for most decisions for action in particular, but in emergencies it may be bypassed by the Bureau or Executive Committee.

Program – Action plan

  • Implement the communication strategy of the Staff Association using all the tools that are available such as:
    • The web site with different access levels (public, Staff Association members, delegates)
    • Facebook
    • Display panels
    • Echo
    • Other
  • Prepare and organize of the Staff Association various events, which can be:
    • socio-cultural (exhibitions, conferences, CERN events like the relay race)
    • mobilization of the staff (demonstration)
  • Manage the list of the Staff Association partnerships
  • Organize the  participation in the various training courses
  • Manage the Staff Association image


  • Creation of the Association Facebook page
  • Creation of different access levels on the website
  • Archiving
  • Staff Association School

Meetings of the Commission

The Commission meets every Tuesday from 09.00 to 10.00 in the Staff Association conference room.


Dominique Denuzière (Chair), Corinne Vetele (co-Chair)


If you want to read the minutes of the last meeting, don't hesitate to contact your delegate.