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The Commission on Pensions follows the evolution of the management of the Pension Fund through the work of the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB).

Members of the Commission are informed of its work by our two representatives who sit on the Board.

The mandate of the Commission is to:

  • obtain detailed data on the financial state of the Pension Fund in order to analyse them;
  • study and understand the texts discussed at the PFGB meetings;
  • make comprehensible for all persons concerned (active and retired staff members) the issues arising from these texts and present them to Staff Council, which has supreme decision-making power;
  • draft proposals and discuss the options to defend a staff position, always aimed at maintaining the balance of the Pension Fund. These proposals and options will then be defended by our representatives on the PFGB;
  • bring the concerns of the Commission to the attention of the staff when urgent or necessary.



  • Follow the work of the PFGB and reflect on a policy for PFGB funding and inform the Staff Council accordingly.
  • Follow the evolution of the actuarial study and its implications.
  • Follow the investment policy.
  • Develop a simplified actuarial model to check independently the result of the current scheme.
  • Study possible measures in the event of the dissolution of the Organization.
  • Train candidates to assure continuity and take over from our representatives at the end of their mandates on the PFGB and define a clearer engagement with the SA.


Meetings of the Commission

The Commission meets every two weeks on a Monday at 16.00, or more often if necessary. It meets systematically before each meeting of the PFGB.



François Duval (Chair), Peter Hirstov (Co-Chair)


Mailing List

Those interested in the activities of this commission can contact the coordinator, who manages the mailing list: