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Social security


The Commission on Social Security focuses its work on the area of social security at CERN.

It gathers information and thinks up possible solutions to the problems which occur in the day-to-day running of the health insurance scheme, brought to its attention by our representatives on the CHISB.

It is in charge of exploring best practices in the Member States, in order to propose improvements to the CERN health insurance scheme, thus enabling it to follow the positive evolutions in all Member States. It studies, amongst other things, any improvements in the way to integrate the notion of balance and respect of costs, while respecting the principle of mutual aid and solidarity between the insured members of the scheme to offer them optimal cover.

Its aim is also to define the policy the Staff Association wishes to be applied in this area and thus introduce guidelines to be defended by our representatives on the CHISB.

It also studies the statistics collected twice a year by the manager of the scheme.


Meetings of the commission

The Commission meets on the second Thursday of each month from 14h30 à 16h, or more often if needed. These meetings take place systematically after each CHISB meeting.



Sébastien Evrard (Chair; CHISB representative), Joel Lahaye (Co-Chair)