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2015 Executive Committee: the strength of continuity

The year 2015 will see few changes in the composition of the Executive Committee. On the one hand, Oliver Boetcher enters and becomes the representative of the Staff Association in the Management Board of EN Department. On the other hand, Jaap Panman, who will retire in 2015, leaves the Committee at the end of 2014.

We would like to thank Joël Lahaye, who was the departmental representative for EN in 2014, and Jaap for their contributions.

The other members of the Committee continue to assume their respective duties, thus ensuring that your Staff Association will have a solid, experienced, effective and cohesive team to cope with the challenges of the new year, with, among others, the key issues of pensions and the 2015 five-yearly review.

Your staff delegates hope to be able to count on the active support of all of you to defend the interests of the personnel, past, present, and future, and their families.

Sandrine BAUDAT FP Member
Oliver BOETCHER EN Member
Rachel BRAY GS Member
Caroline CAZENOVES TE Communication officer
Flavio COSTA IT Member
Nicolas DELRUELLE TE Member
Juan GARCIA PEREZ TE Secretary
Michel GOOSSENS IT President
Céline GROBON PH Vice-president
Lynda LEROUX HR Member
Michael LUDWIG BE Member
Alessandro RAIMONDO GS Vice-president, Treasurer
Almudena SOLERO DG Training Officer
Sébastien ÉVRARD EN Permanent guest
Frédéric GALLEAZZI EN Permanent guest
Joël LAHAYE EN Permanent guest
Yves SILLANOLI TE Permanent guest

In italic departmental representatives