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2015 five-yearly review

Introduction: article in Echo 201 (7 July 2014) which explains that CERN Council approved in its session of 19 June 2015 the obligatory (basic salaries for staff members, stipends for fellows, and subsistence allowance for associated members of personnel) and optional (the CERN career structure, and diversity-related social and financial conditions) part of the 2015 Five-yearly Review. Should the need arise after the assessment at the end of the current review (i.e. in 2016) CERN Council can also change the five-yearly review method.

Diversity in the spotlight: article in Echo 203  (4 August 2014) which based on the analysis of the 2013 Staff Association survey (see Echo 191 for a discussion of the analysis method, and Echo 193 for the priorities assigned to a list of 15 items related to employment conditions) explains which improvements could be proposed in the area of family policy and work-life balance.

A better consideration of families: article in Echo 204 (25 August 2014) which gives some details about what participants to our 2013 staff survey thought could be improved in the area of special leaves for family reasons (maternity leave, paternity lease, parental leave, compassionate leave, etc.).

Towards a better work/life balance: article in Echo 205 (8 September 2014) which gives some details about what participants to our 2013 staff survey thought could be improved in the area of measures for a better work-life balance (telework, flexible working hours, saved leave scheme, and flexibility when approaching retirement).

The public meeting of the Staff Association (26 January 2015) discussed in its second part some proposals for diversity-related items.

Presentation of HR (19 January 2015) whose first part was devoted to explaining the principles of the five-yearly review process.

Registered partnerships : article in Écho n°219 (13 April 2015).

Why not at CERN also? : article in Écho n°227 (6 July 2015) on measures in other companies which improve the work life balance.

Summary of proposals of the Staff Association for diversity-related items.

Révision quinquennale 2015 : la dernière ligne droite : article in Écho n°229 (7 September 2015)

HR Department and Staff Association coordinated information meeting (slides and video)

Our public meetings (14, 15 et 16 October 2015) discussed in its second part the proposals for new career structure and diversity-related items.

Outcome of the 2015 five-yearly review: decision time : article in Écho n°232 (19 October 2015)

Resolution of the Staff Council adopted unanimously with one abstention by your delegates