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CERN Staff Association supports the personnel of WIPO

For over two years already, the Director General of WIPO has been attacking the WIPO Staff Council: firing the Staff Association President, intimidating staff delegates as well as the personnel, organising an election for his own council to replace the legitimately elected Staff Council, etc.

The behaviour of the Director General of WIPO is absolutely intolerable and contrary to the rules, principles and agreements applicable in international organisations. It is also in clear contradiction with the fundamental rights and especially the freedom of speech and expression, even more so within an Association whose legitimacy cannot be unilaterally challenged. fi

On Wednesday 25 January 2017, in response to a call for participation by FICSA (Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations – and CCISUA (Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations –, several delegations of Geneva-based international organisations (OMS/WHO, UNHCR, OIT/ILO, OMI/WMO, OMC/WTO, OIT/ITU) gathered at the Place des Nations to stand together with the WIPO personnel and their representatives. A delegation of about ten representatives of the CERN Staff Association participated in this demonstration and a declaration was read in support to our WIPO colleagues and their representatives.

You can find more information and the declarations made during the demonstration, including that of the CERN Staff Association, on the website of FICSA (