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Cocktail with the delegations

The Staff Association, taking advantage of the presence at CERN of delegations to Council and Finance Committee, organizes twice a year, in March and September after the Finance Committee meeting, a cocktail where delegates from Member States and Associate Member States -- since 2017 – are joined by some of their fellow citizens, chosen by the Staff Association among staff members of the Organization as “ambassadors” of the Staff Association and of CERN personnel.

These cocktails are an opportunity to discuss with the delegates certain topics chosen by the Staff Association, in line with current events, but also to have a broader exchange on CERN and its staff.

These exchanges, taking place in the national language of each State and in a friendly environment, also make it possible to receive the positions and arguments of national delegations.

The Staff Association would like to thank all persons who make these events a success and in particular our "ambassador" colleagues who are always available. We want to thank also the secretariat of the Association for the organisation and the logistics and the Secretariat of Council, for sending invitations to the delegations.

We note with satisfaction that the President of Council and the President of the Finance Committee relay the invitation of the Staff Association on the occasion of their meetings or dinners. This is a strong sign of appreciation and support which is recognized and appreciated by the Staff Association.

In the next edition of ECHO, we will come back on some of the themes discussed with the delegations at the cocktail of 13 March.