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External relations


Under the direction of the Executive Committee, the mission of the External Relations Commission is to:

  • initiate and maintain formal or informal institutional contacts between the Association and groups having a similar purpose, established within other International Organisations or in CERN Member States or those states which have relations with the Association;
  • prepare or review all official communications for external relations and submit them for approval to the President or the Vice-President of the Association.


Scope of activities

In order to fulfil its mission, the External Relations Commission shall:

  • strive to be informed of and to communicate on any and all matters related to the conditions of employment of international civil servants (or persons with a similar status) for the purpose of anticipating the deterioration of our conditions of employment or further developing them (improvements and setbacks);
  • participate in conferences, discussion forums and other meetings organised by our partners and analyse the information obtained.



In order to fulfil its mission, the External Relations Commission:

  • shall be composed of one or two coordinators and members, who are all from the Council and appointed by it; in accordance with Article V.5.7 of the Statutes of the Association, members may also be appointed by the Council from among the members of the Association;
  • shall receive, to the extent possible, logistical support from the Secretariat of the Association for document management, as well as the establishment and maintenance of tools and databases;
  • may collaborate with other internal commissions and bodies of the Association to carry out its mission;
  • shall have, at its disposal, a budget to participate in conferences, forums and other external meetings;
  • may provide its members with training related to its mission.



Joël Lahaye, Ghislain Roy