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Fellow’s Apero

February 21st marked the happening of the first Fellow's Apero, an event organised by the Staff Association for the CERN Fellows. At the end of the day, about 300 of the over 700 Fellows gathered in Restaurant 1. They came to meet each other, meet the Staff Association Bureau and delegates, share experience, and get some useful information from the event speakers. The turnout of the Fellows was a pleasant surprise, filling the entire space allocated at Restaurant 1 and digging bravely into the prepared snacks.

The Staff Association president, Ghislain Roy, welcomed our guests. Barbora Gulejova, a Fellow and Staff Association delegate, then gave information on what the Staff Association can do for Fellows, and how they can get involved. Jiri Kral, also a Fellow and Staff Association delegate, presented Fellow-centred statistics and information on personal development opportunities. We also had the great pleasure that Katharine Thomas-Chevreux from HR visited the event and talked about the “buddy” program for Fellows which is starting now at CERN.

The feedback that we have received proves that the event helped to create new friendships, spread important information and attracted Fellows’ attention towards the Staff Association. We hope to welcome new Fellow delegates with the coming election to the Staff Association council in the fall of this year.

Finally, a big thank you goes to Corinne Vetele, the staff of Restaurant, the audio-visual team of CERN and all others who helped to organise and run the event smoothly.

Thanks again for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon at the next Fellows’ Apero!