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FLASH INFO: On the need to rejoin one's family during COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the Staff Association (SA) has been consulted on the evolution of the absence management table. A new version of this table has just been published by the HR department taking into account the evolution of the pandemic.

The rules now include the treatment of quarantine cases following a travel to a red zone.

In the event that a member of personnel returns from an area identified as being at risk in France or Switzerland (B.3).














And in the case where the travel was carried out either on behalf of CERN, or for urgent family reasons (including visits to parents, children, spouse(s), partners, see 5 below), or if the travel began before the area was declared at risk.












Then, a 10-day 'quarantine' is mandatory following this type of stay and is carried out 100% teleworking or, if teleworking is not possible, must be treated as an absence for public health reasons.

As the autumn school vacations approach, this measure allows members of personnel to enjoy their families without taking additional leave.

The Staff Association emphasizes that a certificate of honour must be sent to the supervisor. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact your HRA and the Staff Association for advice and assistance. For more complicated special cases, exceptions would be granted in order to shorten or avoid the quarantine period.