CERN Accelerating science

General Assembly

Mardi 5 avril à 11 h 00
BE Auditorium Meyrin

Conformément aux statuts de l’Association du personnel, une Assemblée générale ordinaire est organisée une fois par année (article IV.2.1).

Projet d’ordre du jour :

  1. Adoption de l’ordre du jour.
  2. Approbation du procès-verbal de l’Assemblée générale ordinaire du 5 mai 2015.
  3. Présentation et approbation du rapport d’activités 2015.
  4. Présentation et approbation du rapport financier 2015.
  5. Présentation et approbation du rapport des vérificateurs aux comptes pour 2015.
  6. Programme de travail 2016.
  7. Présentation et approbation du projet de budget 2016
  8. Approbation du taux de cotisation pour 2017.
  9. Modifications aux Statuts de l'Association du personnel proposée.
  10. Élections des membres de la Commission électorale.
  11. Élections des vérificateurs aux comptes.
  12. Divers.

Nous vous rappelons l’article IV.3.4 des Statuts de l’Association disant que :

« Les membres peuvent, après épuisement de l’ordre du jour, mettre en discussion d’autres questions avec le consentement de l’Assemblée, mais seules les questions inscrites à l’ordre du jour peuvent faire l’objet de décisions. L’Assemblée peut cependant charger le Conseil d’étudier toute question qui lui apparaîtrait utile »

5th April, 2016 – Ordinary General Assembly of the Staff Association!

In the first semester of each year, the Staff Association (SA) invites its members to attend and participate in the Ordinary General Assembly (OGA).

This year the OGA will be held on Tuesday, April 5th 2016 from 11:00 to 12:00 in BE Auditorium, Meyrin (6-2-024).

During the Ordinary General Assembly, the activity and financial reports of the SA are presented and submitted for approval to the members. This is the occasion to get a global view on the activities of the SA, its financial management, and an opportunity to express one’s opinion, including taking part in the votes. Other points are listed on the agenda, as proposed by the Staff Council.

Who can vote?

Only “ordinary” members (MPE) of the SA can vote. Associated members (MPA) of the SA and/or affiliated pensioners have a right to vote on those topics that are of direct interest to them.

Who can give his/her opinion?

The Ordinary General Assembly is also the opportunity for members of the SA to express themselves through the addition of discussion points to the agenda. For these points to be subjected to a vote, the request must be introduced in writing to the President of the Staff Association, at least 20 days before the General Assembly, and by at least 20 members of the SA. Additionally, members of the SA can ask the OGA to have a discussion on a specific point, after expiration of the agenda, with the precision that no decision shall be taken based on these discussions.

How can we contest the decisions?

Any decision taken by the Ordinary General Assembly can be contested through a referendum as defined in the Statute of the Staff Association.

Do not hesitate, take part in your Ordinary General Assembly on April 5th, 2016. Come and make your voice count, and seize this occasion to exchange with your staff delegates!

Statutes of the CERN Staff Association.