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Happy New Year 2019 !

At the dawn of the new year, the Staff Association sends you and your loved ones our best wishes of good health, happiness and success! May this New Year be filled with personal and professional satisfaction.

The Committee week at the end of 2018

The CERN Finance Committee and Council met from 12 to 14 December 2018. The main decisions that will directly or indirectly affect the financial and social conditions of the staff are:
In 2019 the indexation of basic salaries and allowances is set to 1.05%, subsistence allowances at 0.68%, and the indexation of the material budget is set to 2.64%. The Staff Association was pleased to note that the indexation procedure has been strictly applied.
The Management's proposal to start the next five-yearly review in 2020 and to conclude it with a decision of Council in 2021, i.e. with a one-year shift, was unanimously approved. While the Staff Association is strongly committed to ensure that the five-yearly review process is effectively carried out on a regular basis every five years, it understands and accepts the postponement of the five-yearly review schedule, proposed by the Management, as being in the interest of the Organization, provided that this postponement remains exceptional.

2019: Preparation of the next five-yearly review
The next five-yearly review of the conditions of employment will begin very early in 2020. The Staff Association will start preparing for this already in 2019. This is a most important subject and we will need your help!

2019 will also see another important milestone, namely the triennial actuarial review of the Pension Fund, the results of which will be presented to the Finance Committee and the Council in June. In this context, the Staff Association reaffirms its willingness to work in an atmosphere of a solid, calm and fruitful concertation with the Management.

Contact us and let’s talk!
We would also like remind you at the beginning of this year that the Staff Association represents and defends all members of personnel, both employed (MPEs) and associated (MPAs), in its discussions with the Management and Member States.
Therefore, do not hesitate to contact your staff delegate to enrich the debate by sharing your views on the topics we table or on issues that concern you. Your support and fees are essential for us to represent you in the best possible way! Support the Staff Association through your membership and commitment. The Staff Association will renew its Staff Council at the end of 2019; why not run for election to become a Staff Delegate?
TOGETHER we will build TOMORROW at CERN.
We wish you again a Happy New Year 2019!