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Legitimization cards for family members: the discussions continue…

A meeting between the Staff Association (SA) and the Organization's services took place at the end of September to discuss the issue of the attribution of Swiss legitimation cards to the families of “CERNOIS” living in France.

The SA was able to evoke the concern and incomprehension of members of personnel who see some of their requests currently refused. However, various cases show the need for a legitimation card for family members, such as cases of children attending school in Switzerland or access to healthcare in Switzerland in the event of border closures, among others.

The SA was able to report on returns from other International Organizations (IOs) for which Switzerland still provides legitimation cards to families living in France. The SA is therefore surprised that CERN is treated differently from other IOs in Geneva and insists that this situation has to be resolved.

The work with the services concerned continues and we will come back to you to keep you informed of progress on the subject.

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