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A new logo for Le Jardin des Particules: a new identity!

Le Jardin des Particules, the Crèche and School of the CERN Staff Association, is pleased to announce the change of its visual identity.

The year 2018 has already successfully marked an important change in our communication: in May 2018, the Crèche and School announced the change of its name to “Le Jardin des Particules” (link article no 292). Today, Le Jardin des Particules completes this change by unveiling its new logo.

Céline Grobon, president of the management committee, explains this new visual identity. "Choosing a new logo is never an easy task and it required intense discussions within the management committee to make a wise choice. We wanted to renew our identity while maintaining a link with the past, in particular by keeping the notion of the garden which is our pride. We are really satisfied with the result. With different colours, a soft and moving shape, this new logo represents well our Crèche and School. By registering your child in Le Jardin des Particules, you give him/her the opportunity for development in a privileged living space rich in different cultures and nationalities.

The mission of creating this new logo was entrusted to Ewa Lopienska, from CERN's Design Office (IR-ECO-DVS). Ewa has submitted several proposals and we thank her very much for her professionalism and collaboration.

Firstly, this logo reminds us of a dandelion flower that is a nod to the garden that surrounds us. This garden is an essential component of the educational program of our Crèche and School.

Then, the seeds of the dandelion flower are associated with children who are often on the go; the seeds, individual and colourful, flying in all directions are also a symbolic evocation of the particles we are studying at CERN. The different sizes of the flower elements can be associated with the developmental stages of the children, the different learning processes in our structure as well as their development towards other learning opportunities. The cursive font is reminiscent of learning to write. Finally, we find blue, the colour of CERN. This also makes a visual link with the famous “Esplanade des particules”, geographically very close to our location in Meyrin.

The graphic balance of this logo convinced us and reinforced the Management Committee of the CERN Staff Association in its choice; this logo also convinced the Director and the staff representatives of Le Jardin des Particules and the parents' representatives.

We hope that you will like this logo as much as we like it; and we would like to reaffirm that our commitment is focused on the future of our structure; the quality of the childcare will always be our priority.”

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