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News from the Staff Association Executive Committee

On 17 April, the Staff Council proceeded to the election of the Executive Committee of the Staff Association and the members of the Bureau.

First of all, why a new election of the Executive Committee elected in April 2018 after that of December 2017 (Echo No. 281)? Quite simply because a Crisis Executive Committee with a provisional Bureau had been elected for a period from 1st January to 16 April 2018 with defined and restricted objectives (Echo No. 283).

Therefore, on 17 April, G. Roy presented for election a list of 12 persons, including five members for the Bureau, who agreed to continue their work within the Executive Committee, based on an intensive programme with the following main axes:

  • Crèche and School and in particular the establishment of a foundation;
  • Concertation: review and relaunch of the concertation process;
  • Finalisation of the 2015 five-yearly review;
  • Preparation and start of the 2020 five-yearly review;
  • Actuarial reviews of the Pension Fund and the CHIS;
  • Internal enquiries and justice;
  • Improving the Association’s internal procedures (secretariat, documentation, protection of personal data).

Following the presentation of the list and the programme, the delegates of the Staff Council showed their support for the proposed list and elected the Executive Committee by ballot, with 24 votes in favour and three votes against.

Members elected to the Executive Committee one 17 April 2018

Thank you to the 12 colleagues who agreed to take on responsibility within the Staff Association and stay committed to the CERN personnel.