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Staff Association's quiz

Dear colleagues,

We extend our thanks to the numerous participants taking part in the Staff Association (SA) quiz.

Among the participants who found all the right answers, 28 winners were drawn at random and contacted by email to come and collect their prize. The prize consists of a 50 CHF voucher from Go Sport, our partner, who has supported us for several years and whom we thank warmly.

For the curious, you will find below the answers to the quiz, which will allow you to better know the Association, as well as Le Jardin des Particules (JdP):

  1. The Staff Association represents the members of CERN personnel. It also manages the Crèche and School on the Meyrin site. What is the name of this structure? * Le Jardin des Particules
  2. From what age and up to what age are children admitted to the crèche and school? * From 4 months to 6 years
  3.  What has changed for the structure at the beginning of September 2020? * The new building n° 664 was constructed, and the relocation took place.
  4. Who is the French author of this quote "Play should be considered as the most serious activity for children"? * Michel de Montaigne
  5. Does the structure have a canteen service for children? * Yes, but parents can also pick up their children to eat with them.
  6. How many children are welcomed in the structure? * Up to 100
  7. Is it possible to register throughout the year at Le Jardin des Particules, depending on the availability of places? * Yes, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of the JdP.
  8.  How many delegates represent the members of personnel in the Staff Association? * Between 41 and 60: the Staff Council currently has 47 delegates and 7 GAC representatives.
  9. How many clubs are in the CERN Staff Association? * Between 41 and 60: 48 clubs are currently under the aegis of the Staff Association.
  10. Is the Staff Association involved in the five-year review to examine the financial and social conditions of all members of CERN personnel, whether employees (MEP) or associates (MPA)? * Yes, through the Concertation
  11. Who can participate in the Staff Association's commissions to defend the interests of the members of personnel? * Any member of personnel can participate upon authorization by the Association. All you need to do is contact the Association ( If the commitment becomes regular, it will then be important to inform and to have the authorization by your supervisor.

Go sport will again be a partner of the SA and clubs for the year 2020-2021 with offers on the SA website.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Staff Association Secretariat.