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Urgent – 30 September 2017 deadline for “frontalier’s” right to choose a health insurance system - all “frontalier” spouses are concerned

The HR Department has published in the CERN Bulletin a reminder regarding the OBLIGATION for all “frontalier” spouses of CERN Members of Personnel (resident in France and working in Switzerland) to formally choose between the Swiss (e.g. LAMAL) or French (e.g. CMU) health insurance systems, even though he (she) is covered by CHIS through the member of the personnel.

If you still have any questions or doubts about whether you are subject to this obligation, do not hesitate to contact the CHIS Administrator in HR or the Staff Association (

Finally, please share this information with colleagues who are likely to be concerned as the deadline is fast approaching and the consequences of non-compliance with this rule could be very costly.