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What’s that you say? ‘Le Jardin des Particules’ (The Particle Garden)?

A few weeks ago, the Staff Association launched a competition to find a new name for the Staff Association Nursery and School, currently known under the acronym EVEE (‘Espace de Vie Enfantine et École’). The goal of the competition was to find a memorable, well-liked name, which also defines the professional, dynamic and playful identity of the establishment.

Many thanks to the many who took part in the competition.

The jury, which was composed of seven people (Members of the staff association, the Headmistress of the school and representatives of teaching members of staff as well as a representative of parents) initially selected four entries.

On 21 March, the jury met for a second time and unanimously selected the winning name ‘Le Jardin de Particules’ (The Particle Garden)

Why was this the winner?

* ‘Jardin’ or garden refers to the historical name of the establishment, formerly known as ‘le jardin d’enfants’, thereby maintaining a certain continuity. It also makes reference to the superb garden surrounding the school, a real plus point for the establishment. The grounds surrounding the school are an essential component of the educational programme and are highly appreciated by the parents.

* The word ‘particules’ (particles) can be associated to both the children and CERN.
This word evokes the frenetic and dynamic movement of children, their interactions with each other and their environment. Each particle’s specificity is an example of the child’s individuality and suggests the promise of a being in the making.
There is also a parallel between the diversity of elementary particles and the multicultural origins of the school’s pupils and families.
‘Particules’ is also a nod to the ‘Esplanade des particules’ neighbouring the school and a close link with CERN, the world-renowned Organization for Particle Physics.

A prize-giving ceremony will be held soon to reveal the winners’ names.

Many THANKS to all who took part and who contributed to finding a new name for the CERN Staff Association Nursery and School.

Welcome and long-live the ‘Jardin des Particules’