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WIPO : Retaliation against whistleblowers and employee representatives?

The situation of our colleagues C. Mason, W. Lei and O. Steele, respectively President and Vice-Presidents of the WIPO Staff Association, has been of concern to us for some time.  Recently, W. Lei, a key witness in an investigation into alleged corruption at a very high level within WIPO, was the subject of what appears to be a serious act of retaliation, while C. Mason and O. Steele are also subject to administrative actions that also look like reprisals.  The CERN Staff Association is, by far, not the only one of the staff associations and unions of intergovernmental organizations concerned about this. In fact, all the member associations and unions of the three representative federations within the UN system are concerned. We therefore invite you to read the letter below that these three federations have just sent to the Director General of WIPO. As an associate member of one of the signatory federations, FICSA, the CERN Staff Association fully supports the approach of the three federations and the requests addressed to the Director General of WIPO. We also assure our colleagues C. Mason, W. Lei and O. Steele with our full and complete support.