CERN Accelerating science

Its means

These aims are pursued, inter alia, by the following means (SAPC, I.1.3) :

  1. Concertation and collective negotiation of the working and employment conditions of the CERN staff.
  2. Participation in the drawing up of statutory rules.
  3. Collective and individual representation, training and information of its members and all CERN staff inside
    and outside the Organization.
  4. Appointment of representatives and the proposal of candidates for elected office on the various committees
    on which the staff is represented and to which it has access.
  5. Assistance in individual or collective disputes concerning employment, working and welfare conditions.
  6. In the event of labour disputes, recourse to collective action, including concerted work stoppages.
  7. Maintaining of relations and cooperation with groups having a similar purpose, established within other
    International Organizations or in CERN Member States or those States with which it has relations and,
    where appropriate, affiliation to such groups.
  8. Establishment, within the Association, of a « CERN Pensioners’ Association » to which the beneficiaries of
    the CERN Pension Fund, former CERN staff members and eligible former CERN staff members.
  9. Establishment, within the Association or under its aegis, of cultural, humanitarian, sports and recreation
  10. Establishment of non-profit-making undertakings for the purpose of obtaining material or social benefits for
    its members.