CERN Accelerating science

Its missions and mandate

The aims of the Association are (SAPC, I.1.2):

  1. To serve and defend the economic, social, professional and moral interests of its members and all CERN staff, with particular reference to the observance of the Staff Rules and all the statutory texts arising therefrom, as well as the improvement of employment, working, safety and welfare conditions in the widest possible sense.
  2. To protect the rights and defend the interests of the families of the CERN staff and those of the beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund.
  3. To promote good relations between CERN staff members and other employees working on site.
  4. To contribute, along with the Council of the Organization and the Director-General, to the seeking and implementation of means of ensuring that the mission of the Organization, as set out in the Establishment Agreement, is carried out.
  5. To strengthen the links between the nationals of the countries represented in the Organization.
  6. To promote good relations with the local population, among whom the staff members and their families are living.