CERN Accelerating science

External Relations

The Staff Association, in accordance with its Statutes, art. 1.1.3.g, must “maintain relations and cooperate with groups having a similar purpose, established within other International Organizations or in CERN Member States or those States with which it has relations and, where appropriate, affiliate to such groups”.

It maintains continuous relations with European and International unions, either directly or through affiliated members of these unions, so as to define a similar, if not parallel, action policy.

This activity concerns:

  1. On the CERN site
    • Visitors (unions, national committees, ACCU)
    • Firms working on the site (unions, firm representatives)
    • Temporary contracts (CFDT, CGT, Action UNIA)
  2. In the Geneva area and the Pays de Gex
    • Organisations internationales de Genève (ONU, BIT...) : FICSA, syndicats ou associations
    • Syndicats suisses genevois : Action UNIA
    • Union Committee of the Pays de Gex and Annemasse: local unions CFDT, CGT
    • Groupement des frontaliers
  3. In Europe
    • European Community (Brussels, Luxembourg, JET, EURATOM): SFIE, US unions
    • European scientific laboratories (ESO, ESA, EMBL, ILL : unions or associations)
    • National Nuclear Centres: via a group of affiliated unions
    • European Confederation of Union