CERN Accelerating science

Relations with the Management

Standing Concertation Committee (SCC) – R VII 1.01 (and its subgroups)


«A procedure for discussion between the Director-General and the Staff Association shall be set up in order to examine general matters concerning the personnel. The term discussion denotes a procedure whereby the Director-General and the Staff Association concert together to try to reach a common position. A Standing Concertation Committee shall be established for this purpose.» (SRP VII 1.07)

The SCC is the official joint organ of information and concertation between the Director-General and staff representatives. It consists of five members of the Staff Association and five representatives of the CERN Management, who meet at least once a month.

This Committee examines all matters related to the employment and working conditions of staff members, in particular remuneration, social security (especially health insurance and the pension fund), career advancement and evolution, as well as general working conditions.



Sébastien EVRARD, Serge GRILLOT, Thibaut LEFEVRE, Isabelle MARDIROSSIAN, Almudena SOLERO.


Restaurants Supervisory Committee (CSR)


This Committee has been given by the Director-General the following mandate:

  • give its opinion on all matters related to CERN’s general policy on the on-site catering, including the terms and awarding of catering contracts;
  • define, in the framework of the catering contracts, the services which correspond to the needs and, if possible, the wishes of the staff;
  • supervise restaurant services, including food quality and preparation;
  • negotiate and closely watch prices with restaurant contractors;
  • keep the staff informed, examine its wishes, complaints and suggestions concerning the restaurants;
  • propose improvements to the restaurant premises and services, considering in particular comparisons with outside restaurants;
  • draw up an annual report on its activities to the Social Affairs Committee.



Patrick BLAISE, Alexandre PUTZU, Anthony REY.