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Relations with the Member States

Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum (TREF)


“The objective of the forum is to improve the decision-making process by giving those concerned the opportunity and time to understand fully the positions of all participants.” (CERN/RTG/8)

The Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum (TREF), set up by CERN Council in June 1994, is composed of representatives from the Member States, Management and Staff Association. Its role is to study the remuneration and employment conditions at CERN. It has no decision-making powers, however, as its name suggests, it allows an exchange of views between the three parties. This exchange guarantees a better mutual understanding and facilitates constructive problem-solving.

This organ also allows the Management to test its recommendations to Finance Committee and Council.



Thibaut LEFEVRE, Isabelle MARDIROSSIAN, Almudena SOLERO.


Finances Committee (FC)

Finance Committee unites representatives from national governments and deals with all matters relating to the financial contributions of the Member States, the budget of the Organization and the expenditure of the Laboratory.

Five representatives of the Staff Association attend the Finance Committee meetings as observers.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has obtained the right to meet directly with the Chairman of Finance Committee.


CERN Council (CC)

The Council carries the final responsibility for all important decisions. It determines CERN’s policy in the scientific, technical and administrative domain, approves its activity programme, adopts its budgets and examines its expenses.

The Council holds an ordinary session twice a year - June and December – and, in between, its delegates meet in a less formal manner in the Committee of Council” in order to closely monitor all developments and discuss with the Director-General any decisions to be submitted to Council.

The Executive Committee has obtained the right to meet directly with the Chairman of Council.

Furthermore, the Staff Association regularly organizes a meeting between the delegates to Council and Finance Committee with their fellow citizens of the Organization.