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Nursery School

The Nursery School is open to children of CERN staff members of a pre-school age. Children of parents who are not staff members may also be accepted if there are places available.

The education provided by the Nursery School facilitates the child’s integration in the local environment (in particular, when they start school) and, if the event arises, their reintegration in their country of origin. The Nursery School offers an environment which enables each child to develop his personality with a teaching method that respects his individuality, helps him to develop his independence and personal capacity, stimulates his desire to learn and his creativity, heightens his sense of cooperation, friendship and peace, withoutdiscrimination against nationality, sex, religion and social status.

75% of the school fees are reimbursed for:

  • Staff members and Fellows recruited before 01.01.2007, except for ex-local staff members
  • Staff members recruited from 01.01.2007 onwards: staff members who meet the criteria for the award of an international indemnity and fellows

The Nursery School is open from Monday to Friday. A day nursery runs three mornings a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) for children between 2 and 6 years old.


Nursery School Steering Committee


The Nursery School is dependent on the Staff Association. The latter entrusts the administration of the Nursery School to a Steering Committee. The Staff Association appoints the Staff Association representatives in this committee, in accordance with the conditions set out in the Statutes of the Nursery School.

The Committee is composed of seven members divided into three colleges:

  • the employer’s college, composed of three representatives of the CERN Staff Association (elected by the Staff Council for a renewable mandate of three years);
  • the employees’ college, composed of one representative of the Nursery School teachers (appointed for a mandate of one year by the teachers of the Nursery School) and one representative of the assistants of the Nursery School (appointed for a mandate of one year by the assistants of the Nursery School); and
  • the parents’ college, composed of one representative of the parents (appointed for a mandate of one year by the representatives of the parents of each class following their election, class by class);
  • and one ex officio member: the Headmistress of the Nursery School.

Each college also has an alternate, who may attend the meetings but does not have the right to vote, except when one or more members of that college are not present at a committee meeting.

The employer’s college has two alternates.

The Committee has, in particular, the following tasks:

  • set a provisional budget including the amount of school fees, examine the balance sheet and the treasurer’s accounts which are sent to the Staff Association President for approval;
  • manage the funds of the Nursery School in the framework of budget approved by the Staff Association;
  • fix the budget for « minor purchases » managed by teachers, for the day-to-day needs of the Nursery School;
  • set out recommendations concerning the appointment of qualified staff for the Nursery School (definition of needs, choice of staff and length of contracts) in accordance with the Rules for Nursery School staff, for decisions by the Staff Association President;
  • manage the staff contracts of the Nursery School (for example leave, replacements, training etc.);
  • define the general conditions of admission and departure of the children entrusted to the Nursery School;
  • ensure that the teaching project and methods of the Nursery School conform to the Aims and Mission set out in the Statutes;
  • ensure that the Nursery School is sufficiently equipped;
  • inform the parents of the activities of the Nursery School and take their proposals into consideration;
  • report at least once a year to the Staff Association on the functioning of the Nursery School, any decisions taken and problems encountered;
  • present to Staff Council an annual report on the activities of the Nursery School;
  • advise the Staff Association as soon as possible of any financial problems encountered by the Nursery School.

In the event of a recommendation being made by the Committee to the Staff Association, the latter may deviate from it for reasons justified in writing.



Members: Céline GROBON, Lynda MEICHTRY, Nicolas SALOMON, Yves SILLANOLI

Alternates: Jean-Baptiste ZENNER