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Social security

CHIS Board


The CHIS Board is responsible to the Standing Concertation Committee (SCC) for the overall supervision of the Scheme, to ensure that its objectives are reached, including its long-term financial equilibrium, in the interest of the members of the Scheme and the Organization.
CHIS Board is a joint organ comprising representatives of the CERN Management, on the one hand, and members of the Schemes – active CERN staff members and beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund – appointed by the Staff Association, on the other.

The mandate of CHISB is to:

  • control the services provided by the Scheme administrator, from which it receives periodically information reports through the contract manager at CERN;
  • propose measures for cost control and adapt the levels of benefits and contributions;
  • make proposals to adjust the Scheme’s policy in accordance with the general evolution of the needs of the Scheme and the resources available;
  • keep itself informed of the rules and practices of health insurance schemes in other international organizations, in the Host States and in other Member States.

CHIS Board is not competent to treat individual cases.



Members: Sébastien EVRARD, Joël LAHAYE.


Governing Board of the Pension Fund


The Governing Board shall be entrusted by the Council with the overall management of the Fund and shall, in this regard, in particular:

  1. propose the funding principles and policy of the Fund for approval by the Council;
  2. decide on the statement of investment principles and investment policy of the Fund;
  3. select the Chief Executive Officer and propose him for appointment by the Council;
  4. supervise the Chief Executive Officer;
  5. oversee the activities of the Investment Committee and the Actuarial and Technical Committee, and decide on any proposals or measures submitted by them;
  6. propose the Rules and Regulations of the Fund for approval by the Council;
  7. approve and update the internal control system of the Fund;
  8. approve the Fund's medium-term operational plan and its annual budget;
  9. submit the financial statements of the Fund for approval and discharge by the Council;
  10. appoint the Actuary and the specialised auditor referred to in Articles I 2.16 and I 5.02 respectively of the Rules;
  11. decide on internal appeals lodged against individual decisions taken by the Chief Executive Officer;
  12. take any other measures required for the management of the Fund or the application of its Rules and Regulations;
  13. propose to the Council any measures falling within the latter's remit, including amendments to the Rules and Regulations.


The Governing Board shall consist of the following members:

  1. two appointed by the Council, at least one of whom shall be a Council Delegate. The other shall be either a Council Delegate or a member of the Finance Committee. Their terms of office shall cease once they are no longer Council Delegates or members of the Finance Committee;
  2. one appointed by the ESO Council;
  3. the member of the CERN Management responsible for Administration, in an ex officio capacity;
  4. two appointed by the CERN Staff Association from among the CERN staff members;
  5. one appointed by the ESO Staff Association from among the ESO staff members;
  6. one appointed by the CERN and ESO Pensioners Association from among the CERN and ESO beneficiaries of the Fund;
  7. two professional members specialised in pension fund matters selected by the members referred to in a) to f), appointed by the Council.

Each member of the Governing Board has the right to vote.