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28 May 2019: Ordinary General Assembly of the Staff Association!

Delegates' Corner

Everyone has certainly heard of the CERN Staff Association (SA) at least once in its career: the statutory staff representative body whose existence is endorsed by Chapter VII of the Staff Regulations, whose mandate and mission include defending the economic, social, professional and moral interests of its members and all CERN staff.

But the Staff Association is above all men and women, elected as staff delegates by YOU and who you are YOUR representatives.

We regularly give them the opportunity to express themselves so that they can explain to you in their own words who they are and what they do within the Staff Association.

Today, Anthony Rey, an SPS operator who has been working on CCC shift schedules within the BE/OP group since 2001, explains his role and vision of the SA.

APPEL : le 14 JUIN 2019, les femmes manifesteront dans toute la Suisse !

Alors que l’égalité entre homme et femme est inscrite dans la Constitution de la Confédération helvétique depuis 1981, force est de constater que dans la réalité les progrès sont lents, pour ne pas dire insignifiants.

Proposal for amendments to the Statutes of the CERN Staff Association


You will find below the proposed amendment that will be presented to you at the Ordinary General Assembly of 28 May 2019 for adoption and, in the event of a favourable vote, will enter into force on a date decided by the Staff Council.

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