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As every year, 2016 ended with the Council Week

The Finance Committee met on 14 December 2016. This Committee is comprised of delegates representing national administrations and deals with all questions related to the financial contributions of the Member States, the budget of the Organization and the expenditure of the Laboratory.

The main decisions with a direct or indirect impact on the financial and social conditions of the personnel were:

  • non-indexation of salaries as of 1st January 2017, and for six consecutive years, with a negative memory of -0.4 %;
  • negative cost-variation index of -4.93 %;
  • acceptance of proposed changes to the CHIS (CERN Health Insurance Scheme) Rules, primarily on CERN Health Insurance membership conditions.

However, the highlight of this Finance Committee was the Director-General’s announcement of her decision to recruit 80 additional staff on limited-duration contracts.

2017 MERIT exercise

In 2017, the annual advancement exercise MARS will be replaced by the annual performance evaluation and recognition exercise MERIT.

The HR Department has invited staff members to attend two information meetings “2017 MERIT Public Sessions”, the purpose of which is to explain the “general principles of the Merit, Evaluation and Recognition Integrated Toolkit”.

The first meeting was held in English on Tuesday, 6 December. The second meeting will be in French on Thursday, 15 December at 10.00, in room 774-R-013 (Prévessin site).

The Staff Association appreciates the HR Department’s efforts to inform staff members, especially regarding the changes between the MARS system and the MERIT system.

Nevertheless, we find it useful if we inform you, from our side, taking up the issues we find the most pertinent.

Santa Claus visited CERN on Saturday, 3 December!

Ever since its creation, the Staff Association has organised an annual Children’s Christmas Party. This party brings together 5- to 7-year-old children of employed members of the personnel.

On Saturday, 3 December, the Staff Association welcomed no less than 230 children who attended with joy and enthusiasm a magical clown show presented at 13.30 and 15.30.

A loose screw at the European Patent Office!

The European Patent Office (EPO) is an International Organisation which employs 7000 people on different sites across Europe, and is responsible for the granting of patents in Europe. In an ever more globalized society, it is essential to have a European institution which can grant patents of a very high quality and legally unassailable.

However, over the past three years this organization has been under the rule of a president who imposes productivity targets which hinders the quality of the work done by the intellectual property specialists. This Presidency, with manners of a gone-by era, has only managed to degrade the social climate over the last years, which European media has echoed. By imposing ultra-liberal methods worthy of the 19th century -- when union rights and personnel representation were unheard of or repressed if they tried to rise -- the President endangers the institution and affects the European economy.

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