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28 May 2019: Ordinary General Assembly of the Staff Association!

In the first semester of each year, the Staff Association (SA) invites its members to attend and participate in the Ordinary General Assembly (OGA).

This year the OGA will be held on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 from 14.00 to 16.00, Council Chamber, Meyrin (503-1-001).

The Ombuds does not tell you everything!

In a recent article, the Ombuds advertises his own role in informal conflict resolution. Why not? Well, we can object to his article for at least three reasons.

In memoriam


Michel Boffard passed away on Tuesday 8 January, in his 79th year, in complete discretion, without warning anyone, tiptoeing as if not to disturb.

His discreet departure contrasts sharply with what many of us have known about him. Rather perceived as a boiling boy, a grouchy character, short-fused and angry about the established order, he has often showed endearing qualities: devoted, showing extraordinary generosity and great intelligence, while constantly questioning things and wielding provocation. However, what his colleagues will remember about him is above all his generous soul.

We only have little information about his career at CERN, but we received a few points of reference.

Cocktail with the delegations

The Staff Association, taking advantage of the presence at CERN of delegations to Council and Finance Committee, organizes twice a year, in March and September after the Finance Committee meeting, a cocktail where delegates from Member States and Associate Member States -- since 2017 – are joined by some of their fellow citizens, chosen by the Staff Association among staff members of the Organization as “ambassadors” of the Staff Association and of CERN personnel.

This week at the Staff Association

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