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Thursday, 29th October, the Staff Council examined the Management proposals, results of the 2015 Five-Yearly Review. In a Resolution, the Staff Council wrote that it considered that the proposed "package" of measures was not balanced enough and made some additional requests, especially in the field of new career system.

At the meeting of the Standing Concertation Committee (SCC) of Monday, 9th November, representatives of the Management and the Staff Association reviewed in detail the document with the Management proposals. This document will be presented to the Member states at the next meeting of TREF on 26th November. Based on the concerns expressed in our Resolution of 29th October, six points, where consensus could not be reached at the meeting, remained pending at the end of the discussion in the SCC. It was decided that these six points would be submitted to the Director-General for arbitration, after a discussion in the Staff Council.

Results of the 2015 Elections

The elections to renew the Staff Council for the period 2016-2017 are now behind us and we welcome the turnout for the vote of 55.9 %, which was considerably higher than that of last time. This clearly shows the interest that members of the Staff Association attach to the work and dedication of their delegates and expresses their full support for the candidates of their department. We also thank all candidates who committed themselves to actively defend the interests of the staff.

Resolution of the Staff Council

You were many to attend the public information meetings organised in October and we thank you for your interest.

In this decision phase of the current Five-Yearly Review of our employment conditions they provided an opportunity to review the Management proposals in detail. They were a moment of exchange also on the various topics under review, and your comments were many and very valuable.

Meeting on Thursday 29th October, the Staff Council discussed once more these proposals. It considered that the "package" of proposed measures is not balanced enough in its current form. It decided to formulate additional requests to the Management, relating mainly to the effects of the introduction of the proposed new career system. The resolution adopted this morning also implies that the consultation of staff, originally foreseen next week, is postponed.

The staff Council will reconvene in a special session on Thursday, 5th November to reassess its position depending on the progress made regarding its demands. Detailed information will follow, as well as the consultation expected.

The resolution (see below) was adopted unanimously with one abstention by your delegates. We thank you for your support!

Outcome of the 2015 five-yearly review: decision time

To ensure that CERN remains a centre of excellence in the field of fundamental research, the Organization verifies every five years with the help of a Five-yearly review procedure whether the financial and social conditions which it proposes to its staff allow it to recruit and retain Staff Members of the highest competence and integrity required for the execution of its mission and coming from all Member States. For Fellows these conditions should remain attractive compared with those in comparable research institutions, while for Associated members of personnel the conditions should allow it to host them in its research facilities taking into account the highest cost-of-living level in the local region of the Organization. Annex A1 of the CERN Staff Rules prescribes the principles of how to manage this Five-Yearly process.

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