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Public meeting

Dear colleagues

The public meeting that was to have taken place on 6 April has been postponed to a later date, but we will keep in touch with you, either through the ECHO issues we will continue to publish or through e-mails we will send you.

Indeed, the Staff Association continues to defend and represent you. Do not hesitate to contact your departmental delegates and representatives or contact us at for any question or situation, whatever your status, that you may encounter and where the Association could help you.

In these difficult and unprecedented times when the Organization must more than ever show solidarity with its personnel, the Staff Association remains attentive to its active and retired community and is there to support and help you if necessary.

Take care of yourself and your families and see you soon.


Recruitment in the new career structure

What if we talked about the effects of the current career structure on recruitment?

A career at CERN is determined by several factors. First of all, the starting block is fixed with the classification at which the person is recruited within the CERN salary scale. The career will subsequently develop following promotions and advancement, which are proportional to the classification. The duration of the career at CERN, moreover, will depend on whether or not, after the first period of employment, one obtains an extension of the Limited Duration contract and/or a contract of Indefinite Duration.

Protsoc commission

Work of the Staff Association's internal commission on social protection issues, better known as ProtSoc

As you already know, representatives of the Staff Association participate in many official bodies of the Organization, including committees and joint groups.

One of the most significant of these is the Standing Concertation Committee (SCC), whose first meeting of the year took place on Thursday 20 February. The Staff Association would like to inform you of the outcome of one of the agenda items concerning the amendments to the CHIS rules, presented in session by the President of the CHIS Board.

Administrative Circular No. 33

How to read Administrative Circular No. 33 on duty travel?

The Staff Association was disappointed by the lack of information for all member of personnel travelling for CERN, on the interpretation of certain measures of AC 33, which came into force on 1 January 2020. Such information is necessary if, as Management desires, the application of CA 33 in all departments should be harmonised and made comprehensible.

We have therefore decided to give you the information you need. Remember that the initial goal announced by Management was to treat all staff members in a uniform manner, to streamline administrative processes but also to make savings.

This week at the Staff Association

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