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A loose screw at the European Patent Office!

The European Patent Office (EPO) is an International Organisation which employs 7000 people on different sites across Europe, and is responsible for the granting of patents in Europe. In an ever more globalized society, it is essential to have a European institution which can grant patents of a very high quality and legally unassailable.

However, over the past three years this organization has been under the rule of a president who imposes productivity targets which hinders the quality of the work done by the intellectual property specialists. This Presidency, with manners of a gone-by era, has only managed to degrade the social climate over the last years, which European media has echoed. By imposing ultra-liberal methods worthy of the 19th century -- when union rights and personnel representation were unheard of or repressed if they tried to rise -- the President endangers the institution and affects the European economy.

Enquête de satisfaction des restaurants

L’Association du personnel est représentée dans plusieurs comités dont le Comité de surveillance des restaurants (CSR).

Une étude de satisfaction a été réalisée par Novae en octobre 2016 dans les trois restaurants du CERN.

Welcoming spouses and partners to CERN

The questions related to Diversity were examined in the framework of the Five-yearly Review, which was approved in December 2015. The first themes implemented this year concern helping spouses or partners integrate into the working world, and improving the balance between professional and private life.

To this end, the Social Affairs Service and the CERN Diversity Office organised together on Tuesday, 15 November, a “Welcome Drink” for the spouses and partners of employed members of the personnel of CERN who have recently arrived in the region.

Five-yearly Review – the work continues

Following the decisions taken by the CERN Council in December 2015, and particularly the agreement to implement the new career structure, several projects have been launched since the beginning of 2016.

In the framework of the concertation process, the Staff Association has been brought to examine, analyse and take a stance on a variety of topics.

In the 252nd and 254th editions of our newsletter “Echo”, as well as during the public meeting of 22 September, the Staff Association has discussed at length:

  • the new salary scale and your position in this scale on 1st September 2016;
  • the benchmark jobs and your provisional placement in a benchmark job.

Today, the discussions that require our full attention concern the annual MERIT exercise and promotions, two issues that are extremely sensitive and important for staff members, since they involve advancement and prospects of career evolution.

This week at the Staff Association

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