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Crèche and School of the Staff Association: a programme for children from 2 to 4 year old

Find out how children between the ages of two to four and their families can benefit from the Staff Association Crèche and School programme.

Classes for children aged between two and four years have been set-up to ensure the initial transition from home to school is as smooth as possible. Children attend mornings only and are welcomed by the same group of teaching staff throughout the week, allowing the children to establish a link between their home life and the crèche/school.

What’s that you say? ‘Le Jardin des Particules’ (The Particle Garden)?

A few weeks ago, the Staff Association launched a competition to find a new name for the Staff Association Nursery and School, currently known under the acronym EVEE (‘Espace de Vie Enfantine et École’). The goal of the competition was to find a memorable, well-liked name, which also defines the professional, dynamic and playful identity of the establishment.

Le 24 avril 2018, Assemblée générale ordinaire de l’Association du personnel !

Conformément aux statuts de l’Association du personnel, une Assemblée générale ordinaire est organisée une fois par année (article IV.2.1).

Cette année, l’AGO se tiendra le jeudi 24 avril 2018 de 14 h 00 à 16 h 00 heures, Amphithéâtre principal, Meyrin (500-1-001).

Projet d’ordre du jour :

  1. Adoption de l’ordre du jour;
  2. Approbation du procès-verbal de l’Assemblée générale du 29 juin 2017;
  3. Présentation et approbation du rapport d’activité 2017;
  4. Présentation et approbation du rapport financier 2017;
  5. Présentation et approbation du rapport des vérification aux comptes;
  6. Programme de travail 2018;
  7. Présentation et approbation du budget 2018;
  8. Approbation du taux de cotisation 2019;
  9. Election des membres de la commission électorale;
  10. Election des vérificateurs aux comptes;
  11. Présentation et approbation du principe de création d’une fondation pour reprendre les activité de la Crèche et École de l'Association du personnel du CERN;
  12. Divers

Concertation or Consultation. That is the question.

In April 2017 (as reported in Echo No. 268), the Staff Association, when invited to an Enlarged Directorate meeting, stressed that “concertation requires a positive attitude and mutual trust. […] The Staff Association is firmly committed in this respect but does not consider that the concertation process is as effective as we should like”.

The continued lack, for the Staff Association, of an effective concertation process led to a revisiting of the situation in June 2017 (Echo No. 271), in an article that stressed the importance of the concertation process at CERN since it was introduced in 1983, the year in which the Standing Concertation Committee (SCC) replaced the Standing Consultation Committee.

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