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Staff delegates: representatives of all the Organization's members of personnel

As already announced in the previous ECHO, in October of this year, elections will be held for your staff delegates for the 2020-2021 term.

To take part in the vote and choose your representatives, you must, if you are not yet a member, join the Staff Association.

Elections of employee delegates – Become a member, get involved and vote!

The Association's Staff Council is renewed every two years. This year, in October, elections will be held for your employee delegates for the 2020-2021 term. 

The number of positions to be filled is 50:

  • 45 positions to represent the incumbents;
  • 5 positions to represent fellows and associated staff members (Users, Project Associates, among others).

These 50 positions are open to members of personnel who are also members of the CERN Staff Association.

Back to school at ‘Le Jardin des Particules’: it's time for a new year!

After two months of summer holidays, nearly a hundred children, young and old, found their way back to the Crèche and School on the morning of Tuesday 27 August. An annual event that cannot be ignored and which brings each year its share of novelties.

The Staff Association and You

The Association, your representative to the Management and the Member States

The Article VII 1.01 of the Staff Rules and Regulations (SR&R) provides that "Independently of the hierarchical channels, the relations between the Director General and the personnel shall be established either on an individual basis or on a collective basis with the Staff Association as intermediary".

This essential role of the Association through the Staff Representatives, to be the spokespersons of all the Organization's personnel to the Director General and the Member States, is reflected in active participation in the various joint committees defined in the Staff Regulations but also in all the working groups and official bodies dealing with staff matters.

This week at the Staff Association

You can follow the weekly work of the Staff Association by clicking on the table below.