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The Staff Association is pleased to invite you to the conference :

Searching the Unknown with Art & Science

18th July from 15h30

CERN Council Room, Main Building



What were the factors that enabled CERN to become the World's top fundamental research laboratory?

The question is both ambitious and complex, so that the answers will not be precise but will be based on reasonable assumptions. 
The starting point shall be the CERN Convention, drawn up by our founders just after the end of the second world war, a theatre of unspeakable atrocities between nations, peoples and political systems.

The founding fathers, having witnessed these atrocities, introduced several fundamental principles into the CERN Convention that laid the crucial foundations for the success of the fledgling Organization:

Tuesday, 28 May 2019, Ordinary General Assembly of the CERN Staff Association

Ideas, open debates and votes

The CERN Staff Association held its General Assembly on Tuesday 28 May 2019. As every year, this is the ideal time to meet the team at the helm of the Staff Association, to learn about the activities and successes of the past year, but also about the work programme for the coming year. It is also at the General Assembly that important decisions are taken democratically by a vote of all members present.

We are pleased to have been able to count on a significant increase in the number of participants this year.

Conférence: Les calottes glaciaires du Groenland et de l'Antarctique : des géants aux pieds d'argile

L'Association du personnel a le plaisir de vous inviter à assister à la conférence:

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