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General Assembly of the Staff Association

The Staff Association is organizing her ordinary General Assembly on:

Tuesday 22nd May, 11:00am -  40/S2-D01

This meeting is open to its ordinar members, associated members and pensioners.

Crisis meeting

Our Crisis meeting of all staff on 2 April was a huge success. Thank you all!

The CERN main amphitheater was completely filled with over 400 participants, with several tens of people having to remain standing. Those present showed their support for the position defended by the staff representatives in the various bodies. They appreciated the promise that the Staff Association would keep them informed about the evolution of the situation over the coming weeks. Finally, they expressed their readiness to be called upon for further action in the near future, when needed.

For more information, see our page dedicated to the crisis: link.

Crisis meeting 2nd April 2014

Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday 20th March, in a restricted session, and therefore in the absence of the staff delegates, the CERN Council took decisions, which envisage a rapid withdrawal of the Member States with respect to their special contribution to our Pension Fund, which directly puts at risk our rights. To learn more, join us at the crisis meeting to be held:

Wednesday, April 2, at 10:30 am

in the Auditorium of the Main Building on the Meyrin site.

Your presence is crucial, you are all concerned!

Charter for the delegates of the Staff Association

The Staff Association has now a charter which gives clear values held by its delegates to allow to carry out its mission with professionalisme and efficiency in the contact of Administravie Circulars n°13 and 26.

Link to the pdf file.

Open Letter from the GAC-EPA to the Chairman of the PFGB

Following the publication by the Chairman of the Pension Fund Governing Board of  the Spring report of the Pension Fund in the CERN Bulletin issue dated 25 July 2012 (Nos 30 & 31), the GAC-EPA has reacted through an open letter. See www.gac-epa.org under Announcement.

An unsatisfactory contract policy

For the last 15 years contract policy has been one of the top priorities of CERN staff, as expressed in successive surveys initiated by the Staff Association. In one’s professional life, having some forward vision of one’s career prospects is the key to loyalty and motivation. On the contrary, instability about the future is always at the root of anxiety, conflicts, or even health problems. A good employer must therefore balance the needs of the Company and those of its employees.

Your delegates talk to you

We invite you to listen to your delegates who share with you their experience at CERN and their life in the Staff Association.

This week at the Staff Association

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