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TREF and the Staff Association - a tradition of consulation

Friday October 10th 2014, the TREF (Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum) celebrated its 20th birthday, with guests from their 3 social partners (Member States, mMnagement, and the Staff Association).

The candles on the birthday cake was blown out by a Swiss ex-delegate and the ex-presidents of the Staff Association GIanni Deroma, Jean-Pol Matheys and Michel Vitasse.

Sigurd Lettow, representing the Management, Michel Goossens, representing the Staff Association and Bernard Dormi, president of the TREF, each made a speech to mark the occation.

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Our public meetings of autumn 2014

You were hundreds of persons to participate in our information meetings of October 3 and 6 2014, and we thank you for your participation!


You find a link to the slides here.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want more information : staff.association@cern.ch.

We remind you, that all are invited to share with us his ideas in our various working groups. You find a list of groups here. To participate, please contact the responsible person for the working group directly.

Ecocitizen at the office

At the office, I do as I would at home

At the office, just as at home, we need to stay warm, have light, be equipped (with office material, furniture). We thus need energy and raw materials. This consumption is not without consequences for our environment.

How to reduce our consumption? In everyday life, we already have behaviours that allow us to save energy and resources, to sort our waste. At the office it is important to act in the same way as at home, as we spend a lot of time at our workplace.

How to act more responsibly at the office, to reduce the environmental impact, and how to stay motivated?

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Let's all support the WIPO Staff Association

The dismissal of the president of the Staff Association of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) causes an uproar.

Moncef Kateb was a fierce adversairy of the Director General Francis Gurry, who was re-elected last May, but followed by embarassing affairs.

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This week at the Staff Association

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