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The CSG - CRDS saga. After five years, a first positive milestone for international civil servants and retirees of International Organizations

For more than five years, CERN's international civil servants and retirees, with the help of the CERN Staff Association and the “Groupement des Anciens” (GAC), have been fighting in the French courts to have the De Ruyter and Lobkowicz rulings recognized, and thus to stop French social security deductions (CSG - CRDS) from being levied on income from assets in the broadest sense of the term.

Public meeting of November 5: thank you for your participation and your questions!

The Staff Association (SA) would like to begin by thanking the employed and associated members of personnel who participated in the November 5, 2020 public meeting. Thank you also for all your questions and suggestions which we will have the opportunity to return to in future ECHO articles.

Last update on the internal taxation of MPAs

The governance of CERN foresees regular meetings between the CERN member states, Management and the Staff Association (SA). Such gatherings, called Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum (TREF), were established in 1994 (see CERN/RTG/8) to examine CERN remuneration and other employment conditions.

Last week a TREF meeting  took place where the CERN Management presented its proposal to create a new type of subsistence. These so-called Cost of Living Allowances are meant to be eligible for taxation in the CERN host states.


Conference “Better understand your brain to better protect it”

The Staff Association is pleased to invite you to a conference:

“Better understand your brain to better protect it”

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