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What has the Staff Association done for me?

The Staff Association’s mission is fourfold:

  • Serve and defend the economic, social, professional and moral interests of all CERN staff.
  • Safeguard the rights and the interests of the families of staff and beneficiaries of the Pension Fund.
  • Promote good relations between staff, other employees working on site, and the communities in which staff members and their families live.
  • Work with the Council and the Director-General to propose and implement ways to further the mission of the Organization.

Christmas Party for children at CERN !

The CERN Children's Christmas Party, bringing together the children of employed staff members, aged between five and seven, for an afternoon filled with magic has taken place every year, ever since the creation of the Staff Association.

This year the celebration took place on Saturday, December 1st and welcomed no fewer than 200 children, over two sessions, during the afternoon. The children were whisked off to a world of enchantment, thanks to the show, "Father Christmas, watch out for the Cloud!” where they followed the adventures of little Lili, the Reindeer and Father Christmas himself, a whole adventure filled with Christmas magic.

CSAIO - a tool on the move for the staff associations of international organisations and European agencies

Every year, in autumn, the CSAIO (Conference of Staff Associations of International Organizations) conference takes place over two days; this conference is only for the Staff Associations of International Organizations, mainly based in Europe, as well as for European Agencies.

Creation, goals and developments

CSAIO, created by the CERN and OECD Staff Associations in 2000, allows some 30 staff associations to share their experiences and ideas in a common goal to better understand the expectations and aspirations of staff working in international and European organisations.

Over time, the conference process has evolved to accommodate the demands of staff representatives from different backgrounds. For the past three years, the informal follow-up, during the first half-day of the conference, of the themes discussed the previous year, has been institutionalized. This monitoring makes possible to share the implementation and impacts of certain proposals in the speakers' respective organizations or agencies. This debriefing will be an integral part of the conference from next year onwards.

Photography Competition

Cast your minds back to August, temperatures soared up to 34 degrees Celsius, rainfall was scarce and the Staff Association in conjunction with the CERN Photo Club launched its Summer Photography Competition.

CERN clubs are subsidised by the Staff Association and CERN administration. Clubs offer sports, leisure and cultural activities, enhancing non-professional relations between CERN staff members and facilitating integration of them and their families into the local area. Clubs are run under the supervision of the Staff Association through the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC).

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