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A page is turned with the departure of Anne-Sylvie Catherin

The Staff Association wants to thank Anne Sylvie Catherin for her achievements during her career at CERN, and in particular during her mandate of head of the Human Resources Department.

Anne-Sylvie Catherin arrived at CERN as a lawyer specialized in labor law of International Organizations, and she brought along her knowledge, as well as an unparalleled energy and professionalism.

The Staff Association has particularly appreciated her collaborative approach during discussions in the concertation process. This attitude has clearly contributed to the implementation of significant change in the management of human resources, while preserving social peace.

Echo calling: What were the factors that enabled CERN to become the world's top fundamental research laboratory ?

The question is both ambitious and complex, so that the answers will not be precise but will be based on reasonable assumptions. 
The starting point shall be the CERN Convention, drawn up by our founders just after the end of the second world war, a theatre of unspeakable atrocities between nations, peoples and political systems.
The founding fathers, having witnessed these atrocities, introduced several fundamental principles into the CERN Convention that laid the crucial foundations for the success of the fledgling Organization.

CERN Relay Race: a great success!

On Thursday May 19, the traditional relay race was held at CERN, organised jointly by the Running Club and the CERN Staff Association.

In spite of the less than optimal weather, the 127 registered teams were not discouraged. Warmed by their efforts on the roads of CERN, the participants were able to withstand the chilly May weather.

Apprenticeship at CERN

In 1961, based on the finding that the evolution of the labour market created a growing need for qualified staff, a first agreement between the Republic and Canton of Geneva and CERN was signed. One of the objectives of this agreement was the vocational training of young electronics and physics laboratory technicians.

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