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Thank you all !

You were many to come to the meeting Thursday 18 June. Thank you all! It is so important that all employed and associated members of personnel come and show the member states that they care about the future of CERN. And you did!


Action of the Staff Association on 18 June 2015 Action de l'Association du personnel du 18 juin 2015 (Video: CERN)

The future of CERN is at stake !

Dear Colleagues,

Let us all gather in the Main Building on the 18th of June at 8:30 a.m., day of the CERN Council.

The future of CERN is at stake!

Staff Association gathering on 18 June 2015 Rassemblement de l'Association du personnel du 18 juin 2015 (Video: CERN)

CERN, flagship of European scientific collaboration

The creation of CERN in 1954 had its roots in a resurgent postwar Europe and the willingness to share resources to create a joint fundamental physics laboratory integrating all countries of the Old Continent. This humanistic vision has been driven by several Nobel Prize laureates. The Organization then embodied the very definition of "science for peace". Basic science is not subject in principle to the concept of utility. Nevertheless, very many of the benefits are the direct or indirect spinoffs of this research, even if they were not the primary objective of the researcher.

2015, the year of all dangers

On Thursday, May 7 many of you attended, in the packed Main Amphitheatre, the crisis meeting organized by the Staff Association. The main aim of this public meeting was to lift the veil on the intentions of certain CERN Council delegates who would like to:

  • attack again and again our pensions;
  • reduce the budget of CERN in the medium term;
  • more generally, revise downward our employment and working conditions.

The video and the slides of the crisis meeting are available at https://indico.cern.ch/event/392832/.

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