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CERN Club Activities for ALL during COVID-19

Some CERN clubs are able to continue activities during confinement, please click here to have more information.

On the front page

Public meeting on 12 June: thank you for your participation!

Dear Colleagues,

the Staff Association (SA) would like to begin by thanking the employed and associated members of personnel who participated in the public meeting on June 12, 2020. We would also like to thank the CERN audio-visual team who made it possible to record this event, which you can still consult on this link.

The thorny problem of crossing borders in crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is also an opportunity to learn lessons in many areas concerning our daily lives and those of our families. The Staff Association has received several questions and remarks from our colleagues who are concerned about access to healthcare in Switzerland for their family members or border crossing when children study in Switzerland while the family is domiciled in France.

Ordinary General Assembly

Welcome session for our new colleagues

The Staff Association has set up a series of welcome sessions every two months for all our newly arrived colleagues at CERN to provide them with information about the Organization but especially about staff representation.

This week at the Staff Association

You can follow the weekly work of the Staff Association by clicking on the table below.