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At the beginning of May, all staff members received an email informing them about their performance qualification. A few days later, a colleague, Pi1, said, disheartened: “That’s it, my boss has landed me with a ‘fair’. I’ve had it now!” Yet he felt he had done a good job throughout the year. Certainly, he strives to find a good balance between work and private life, as one could expect from someone with three children, while others clearly prioritise work… but, after all, isn’t that a personal choice?

Rencontre avec Catherine Laverrière

After a 35-year career at CERN, Catherine Laverrière will retire in June.

When you meet Catherine for the first time, you are greeted by a smiling, calm and caring person. Once you work with her, you will get to discover the energy that feeds her great working capacity and witness the accuracy of her words and assessments.

Award ceremony for the "Crèche and School" competition

Whenever there is a competition, there are obviously participants – and especially winners!

The awards ceremony for the competition to find a new name for the CERN Staff Association's Crèche and School took place on 15 May.

The CERN Relay Race: A Runaway Success!

24th May saw the traditional Relay Race take place at CERN, organised jointly by the Running Club and the CERN Staff Association.

In 2018, the Relay Race lived up to expectations with a record number of participants, with no fewer than 848 entries across different categories! In total 135 teams of 6 runners and 38 walkers completed the course on the Meyrin site in beautiful sunshine. Congratulations to all those who took part!

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