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The CERN Hardronic Music Festival is back

The CERN Hardronic Music Festival is back: on the 23rd July, eleven of the finest MusiClub bands will come on stage to amuse the crowd on its 25th edition. The show will run from 3pm to 1am with bands playing alternatively on two stages behind Restaurant 3 so the music never stops.

A large range of music styles will entertain the audience live: from gameboy chiptune music to blues, hard rock and heavy metal. Alongside with music there will be a free bouncy castle for kids, a bar, a stand for food and a secondhand books, CD and DVD stall. The income from the food stand and the secondhand stall proceedings go to charity, one more reason to come and enjoy at the festival!

Upcoming change at the head of the Staff Association

Alessandro Raimondo, President of the Staff Association, has decided to tender his resignation to the Staff Council effective from 31 August 2016. “You know that the Pension Fund is my passion, and I have chosen to follow my heart,” he declared in a statement sent to the Staff Council on 22 June.

Let’s focus on our Nursery school!

In the 241st issue of Echo, the Staff Association shared its concerns about the future of the CERN Nursery school. Indeed, the EVEE ‘Espace de vie Enfantine et École’ has faced significant financial difficulties in the last few years. According to an audit carried out in 2015, overall the management is sound, but the report shows that the potential gains are not sufficient to restore budgetary balance. Naturally, the EVEE is turning to CERN in order for the Organization to increase its commitment to ensure the sustainability of this structure which is crucial for the lives of many CERN families.

Collection for Ecuador

Following the terrible earthquake in Ecuador on April 16th, 2016, a collection was organized at CERN and sent to the INEPE Institute in Quito to help the victims. CERN has received the following two letters that we want to share with you. We wish our Ecuadorian friends a prompt recovery and keep them in our thoughts!

This week at the Staff Association

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