Follow-up to the conference on protecting the Amazon


From 11 May to 5 June 2023, the Association for the Rainforest (AFV) had the honour of organising a new European campaign for Amazonian chiefs Raoni and Tapi, the AFV's Honorary Presidents, along with the Watatakalu chief and the Bemoro and Yabuti chiefs. The tour took them to 6 European cities to alert public opinion to the continuing dramatic destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The tour also provided an opportunity to forge new partnerships to protect the Amazon and its indigenous peoples. 

The delegation met heads of state, mayors, regional and metropolitan presidents, ministers, business leaders, environmentalists and the press. 

The visit to CERN on 24 May was one of the highlights of the tour. The conference raised participants' awareness of the crucial issues involved in protecting the region's biodiversity and cultural heritage. Scientific partnership projects were also outlined in order to strengthen the protection of the Amazon. 

Unfortunately, despite the success of this new campaign, current events in Brazil have served as a stark reminder that this battle is far from won. The vote at the end of May on a bill in the Brazilian Congress, pushed by pro-Bolsonaro senators, calls into question the rights of indigenous peoples: firstly, the existence of their territories, which have already been demarcated, and secondly, the maintenance of the indigenous ministry created by President Lula following his accession to the presidency in 2023.

No sooner had the delegation returned to Brazil than it was back on the warpath, taking part in a major rally in Brasilia on 7 June to oppose the law, which was being examined by Brazil's Supreme Court on the same day. Unfortunately, the hearing was suspended and no decision has yet been handed down. Europe's support is therefore more necessary and crucial than ever. 

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