Learning English at Le Jardin des Particules School

Le Jardin des Particules

At Le Jardin des Particules, we give our pupils the opportunity to broaden their interests and learn new skills. That is why, we offer various educational activities such as the English Workshop with a qualified English teacher.

Why do we teach English at Le Jardin des Particules?

The aim of the English Workshop for 1P and 2P groups is to introduce children to the world of English as becoming familiar with a foreign language has a significant impact on their later education.  Learning English from an early age has numerous advantages. Children's brains absorb like a sponge - they pick up new information very quickly. It is worth using this ability and start learning the language as early as possible. This way children gradually learn new words and phrases through a natural process of communication, which forms a great basis for further language education.

Our pedagogical approach

At Le Jardin des Particules, our English teacher, Justyna Walus, runs the English Workshop four afternoons a week. Children enjoy learning English through stories, songs, and games in a positive and dynamic learning environment. Justyna’s learner-centred teaching methods respect our pupils’ individual learning needs and help develop their communication skills. One of the approaches used is Content and Language Integrated Learning which encourages children to learn other school subjects and skills, such as pre-reading and pre-writing skills, through English.

The English Workshop is conducted in a playful manner with emphasis on speaking and listening skills, and a selection of material which does not go beyond the reality familiar to children, which builds their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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