Outing to the CERN Science Gateway


They love to explore, observe, classify, manipulate, compare and so on. They wonder about the different elements in their environment by asking lots of questions: “Why is the sky blue? why is the snow melting?”. Without realising it, through these actions they gradually develop their scientific thinking. 

At Jardin des Particules, particular attention is paid to the importance of offering children “diverse learning opportunities”. The regular outings to CERN Gateway Science are part of this active approach, which places the child at the centre of educational thinking, as the main actor and master of his or her learning.

On 02 November, pupils from the Jardin des Particules primary school had their first visit to CERN Gateway Science.

It was a rich and stimulating experience, full of curious and fascinating ideas!

It was a real learning opportunity for our young researchers, who were able to fully satisfy their need to touch, feel, look and experiment.

As announced, regular outings will take place throughout the school year.

For this, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to the team at CERN Gateway Science.

Their special welcome will enable our students to benefit from a unique learning context. 

This partnership supports our educational identity, while setting us apart from other schools in the area.

Dear readers, thank you very much for your attention.

The Jardin des Particules Educatonal Management

Mrs Roberta Cavigliasso