Thank you

The Staff Association would first like to thank the employed and the associated members who participated in large number at the two meetings organized by The Staff Association this month.

The first public meeting dedicated to MPA was hold on the 30 May 2022, and was the occasion to discuss subject such as: the MPA status; introduction and consequences of the COLA; introduction of the Experiment Associate status “EXAS”; projects and work made by the Staff Association in order to support the MPAs. If you were unable to attend this meeting was recorded, you can find them it on the following link:

The fifth meeting of the 2022 was hold on May 31, on this occasion our representatives presented the state of progress of the themes that are currently of major concern, namely:

  • Situation with the Ukraine war ;
  • The need to maintain the international character of the Organisation ;
  • CERN as the Users’ host laboratory ;
  • The attractiveness of the Organisation: the problem of the personnel demotivation ;
  • The Graduate Programme ;
  • The direct bank debit of the Staff Association’s contribution ;
  • The situation of Le Jardin des Particules ;
  • Update on the MERIT guidelines ;
  • Situation around the medical service ;
  • Internal justice ;
  • Cost variation index.

We received numerous questions, please find our replies in the following article.

If you were unable to attend, this public meeting, like the previous ones, was recorded thanks to the Audiovisual Service, which we warmly thank. You can find them now on the following link:

We would like to invite you to the next public meeting of the Association, which will take place on :

Tuesday 28 June at 11am

Main Amphitheatre 500/1-001

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