Results of the 2021 elections


The election of the Staff Council for the period 2022-2023 is now over. Of course, we also thank all those who stood as candidates and expressed their commitment to defend the interests of the personnel and of CERN actively.

The level of participation in the Staff Council elections was encouraging. We are therefore counting on the active support of all members of the personnel so that, together with the delegates they have elected, they show their determination to defend the excellence of CERN, not only as a laboratory of high-energy physics, but also as an international organization that assumes its responsibility in the social domain in an exemplary manner.

This newly elected Staff Council (see its composition below) is truly representative of all sectors and professions of the Organization. This will be a major asset when representatives of the Staff Association discuss with Management and Member States on issues which we will have to address during the next two years.

This cohesion between the personnel and its representatives requires greater visibility of the latter on the ground. This is what we are doing as of January. Do not hesitate to talk to us, your feedback on all the issues is essential to us.

Encouraged with this vote of confidence, we are certain that we can count on the active and ongoing support of our members and all personnel at CERN for the future. We know there will be no shortage of challenges. Together we will be stronger and more creative to take them on.















*Any member of the Association can consult the detailed results upon request at the Staff Association Secretariat.