Zoom on the CSR (“Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants”)*

Restaurant 1

Since its creation, the crowds we usually see, on a daily basis, in our three restaurants and around ten satellite cafeterias located throughout the Meyrin and Prévessin sites, have crystallized CERN’s every-day social life.

A meal, a coffee, a meeting, informal discussions are as many opportunities to frequent these convivial places.

Before going into more detail, we would like to remind you that, with the pandemic, catering services are nowadays under threat. CERN's restaurants are not spared, but they are still looking for new services to adapt to the surrounding conditions. We would therefore like to remind you that you can book your takeaway meals until 9 am the same day from this site: Self Restaurant R1 | Mynovae.

How are catering services managed?

The aim of catering management at CERN is to provide, at a reasonable price, a range of options to meet the catering needs of every person entering the CERN site. The term "catering" covers all forms of food and drink in the broadest sense.

The overall strategy for catering services is defined by the SCC[2], which delegates its implementation and monitoring to the CSR.

The CSR is a joint sub-group of the SCC whose task is to ensure that :

  • The catering services available on the Organization's sites correspond to the contracts in place;
  • The facilities comply with health and safety standards;
  • The commercial offer remains in line with established quality and cost criteria; and, of course
  • Users voices are heard.

Over the past two years, the roles have been refined, with the SCC appointing a contract manager as the main contact with service providers, the manager being a full member of the CSR.

The whole process has become more cohesive and simple for contractors.

The work carried out over the last two years has also been significant, with CERN being the owner and manager of the premises, and the CSR has been involved in the renewal of the furniture in Restaurant 3 and the complete renovation of the kitchen in Restaurant 2.

The CSR is also responsible for:

  • Compliance with health and safety standards, to which end periodic inspections are organized in partnership with the HSE unit and the Medical service;
  • As well as establishing the fairest possible pricing and mandating a dietetic professional to evaluate the proposed offer, etc.

It is also important to point out that catering at CERN is not subsidized, unlike the universities or certain private companies in the Geneva area. Almost all the costs of personnel, equipment, rental and maintenance of the premises and supplies are therefore passed on to the catering and drink offer. The CSR also strives, together with our contracting partners, to maintain the best possible ratio between the selling price and the quality of the products, the great majority of which are of local origin[3].

Every year, you receive a satisfaction questionnaire in order to determine how best to meet your expectations, but you can also address your questions and remarks directly to the CSR[4].

Happy New Year 2021 to all of you!

Your SA Representatives at CSR


*[1] The Restaurant Supervisory Committee, comprising representatives of Management, the contract manager, representatives of the Staff Association and a user representative, meets on a monthly basis. It also regularly invites the Medical service and HSE unit.

[2] Standing Concertation Committee

[3] For more information, here is our contractor's brochure:  Proximité | Novae  

[4] The contact can be addressed either to your staff representatives, who will pass on the information, or directly by email.