Euro billets

Dear colleagues,

We are aware that CERN is threatened by potential restrictions on its power supply, budget cuts and the effects of much higher inflation than in the last twenty years.
In order to mitigate the impact of these threats and in preparation for the end-of-year committees (TREF, FC, CERN Council), the Staff Association is calling on you, as a CERN personnel, to anonymously make suggestions on how to make savings.

We are convinced that, because of your expertise and detailed knowledge of the Organization’s activities, you are very well-placed to make the most useful suggestions.  
We would also like to stress, underline the importance of this exercise. Alongside the studies currently being carried out by CERN management and/or the Member States, it could have a substantial influence on our future and that of the Organization in the medium to long term.

When informed of our action, the Director General assured us that the Directorate would examine the results thoroughly, considering the interests of the Organization and its personnel. So please do not hesitate to make suggestions on any issue where you consider that a substantial saving can be made.

However, in order to speed up the evaluation of your suggestions, we ask everyone to carefully and critically examine the suggestion(s) under consideration and to establish the expected savings return, the necessary initial investments and the possible negative or positive impact. Be as quantitative as possible in the estimates given.

The QR-code  below allows you to submit your suggestions in full confidentiality and anonymously, in accordance with OC11. 

After examination within the Association, the suggestions will be grouped and prioritized for being forwarded to the Director General. 
The main lines of thought from the working group will also be presented at a forthcoming Public Meeting, and we will also use this opportunity to keep you informed of developments and discussions with the management.

Thank you very much for your help and commitment to the Organization and its future.