Clubs offer sports, leisure and cultural activities, thus enhancing non-professional relations between CERN staff members and facilitating integration of them and their families into the local area.



The clubs are subsidised by the Association and the CERN Administration. They run under the supervision of the Staff Association through the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC), whose President (Rachel Bray) and Staff Association representatives are appointed by the Staff Council.

The CCC is responsible for:

  • liaising between the clubs and Staff Council,
  • sharing out between the clubs the subsidies granted by the Staff Association and the Organization,
  • checking the clubs’ activities (examining their operating accounts and annual balance sheets),
  • satisfying their needs (premises, etc.) as far as possible.

New clubs, whose activities are not covered by existing clubs, can be created on the initiative of a group of staff members. The President of the CCC will be pleased to guide them in setting up a new club.


Michael Jaussi
Michael Jaussi