Join the Staff Association!

Join the SA

The Staff Association reminds all employed members of the personnel (i.e. staff members and fellows) that till the end of the year joining the Staff Association is free!

The membership form has been adapted and a RoPO has been published in compliance with Operational Circular 11, ensuring protection of personal data.  This was already announced in ECHO no 359.

The membership form allows staff members and fellows to join the Staff Association and to authorize, more explicitly,

  • the Staff Association to transmit the personal data to the CERN Salaries office for the calculation of the annual membership fee and the deduction of the amount due from the remuneration for the month of January of each year, and
  • the CERN Salaries office to determine the annual contribution by processing the relevant contractual data, deduct the amount of the fee from the remuneration in January of each year, forward the amount deducted to the Secretariat of the SA.

However, what about the members of the Staff Association before this modification?

Indeed, the previous membership form already included a paragraph where the member of personnel authorized a yearly payment of membership fee by payroll deduction in January, until further notice.

No additional authorization is thus necessary. Furthermore, any member may contact the Staff Association secretariat ( to obtain more information about this question.