Staff Association PUBLIC MEETING - Part lll

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Q11) Why is CERN’s advancement slower than in other IOs? Why starting salaries at CERN are in general lower than in comparator employers in CH? Why isn’t anything done about this ? 

For several years, the Association has noted a career slowdown that has been reinforced during its last three five-year reviews. The staff budget has become an adjustment variable. The Association is fighting to limit this approach by the Management so that CERN remains attractive and competitive on the international job market.


Q12) I have the impression that I am represented by people who are disconnected from the real world, outside CERN. What can I do? 

The role of the Staff Association is to represent and defend the interests of CERN members of personnel. We are aware of external events. However, sacrificing the financial and social conditions of our colleagues will not help.

If you want to do something, you can already become a delegate, and change things from the inside.What reality are we talking about? That of international organizations? That of the leading research centers? Yes, we want a CERN of excellence and cutting-edge, a world leader in its field and no doubt in others in a few years. Yes, we want a pioneer, a discoverer, a transmission belt for new technologies, a CERN that pushes companies to outdo themselves to meet its needs. Pulling the Organization down with cheapened employment conditions will not serve this purpose.



Q13) What are your plans to combat the ridiculous drop in salaries for the replacement for non-physicist fellows? Giving e.g., an IT MSc “fellow” over 1k per month (almost like they had only a BSc!) less than what real fellows get right now makes getting strong people much harder.

Since the beginning of the discussions concerning the establishment of the Graduate programme, the Association has always defended that the programme proposal will not degrade the attractiveness of the Fellows programme. It should be noted that any deterioration in the financial and social conditions compared to the current fellowship contracts would lead to a deterioration in recruitment, including from countries already poorly represented at CERN. 

Even though the modalities of the Graduate programme have evolved considerably between the Management’s first proposal and its final proposal following discussions with the Association.

A follow-up at the Permanent Consultation Committee was agreed upon to follow the implementation of the programme and monitor its attractiveness in order to reopen discussions if necessary.tableau boursiers