Summer camp

Summer camp

The CERN Staff Association’s crèche summer camp ran from 3 to 21 July. It was a rich, warm and fun experience for all of us: children, families and members of the personnel.

Around thirty children aged between 1 and 4 years old, accompanied by qualified and experienced members of the personnel in the field of early childhood, were able to share summer days of play, imagination and creativity.

The weeks unfolded in a mix of welcoming moments, play and discovery workshops, a meal-sleep break and afternoons in the water, offering our young audience a wide range of opportunities for stimulation and awakening. There were also some great outings around CERN!

Many thanks to the children for their joy, liveliness, curiosity and interest. Without our key players, our summer camp could not have been so intense and interesting!

Many thanks to the families for this wonderful experience of sharing, conviviality and trust.