Honourable result for the CERN Tennis Team in the Geneva Inter-Organization Games

Tennis event

Every year in September, on the courts of the Tennis Club International in Geneva, a tennis challenge between the main international organizations (UN, ILO, WTO, WHO, ..) takes place. This event, called GIOG (Geneva Inter-Organization Games), is also attended by a representative of the host club and CERN.

Organizing the games this year was a real gamble, but in the end we managed to find a compromise and were able to play and have fun, in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

GIOG is a social and friendly challenge, but the participants are very motivated and the team spirit is lively.

The CERN team, composed by thirteen players and captained by Ombretta Pinazza and Giovanni Franzoni, was training for a few weeks on the courts of TC Maisonnex and TC Saint-Genis. At the end of GIOG, we scored 4th, after winning against WTO, and losing against ILO and the TCI.

A very enjoyable video had been realized by one of the CERN players and pillars, Andreas Wagner, together with Kajsa Christiansson, with interviews and game sketches:

Using e-groups, word of mouth and internal challenges, an active network between tennis players at CERN is growing, in default of a CERN tennis club. There are numerous events foreseen in 2021, including GIOG, and we hope to be even more numerous and enthusiasts to renew the challenges and -why not- improve our results.

CERN team players participating in GIOG 2020. From left side, in white Giovanni Franzoni, Michele Caldara, Diana Scannicchio, Ombretta Pinazza, Thomas Riffaut, Patricia Clerc, Hovhannes Oganezov, Virginie Legardeur, Georg Nuessle, Andreas Wagner and Pavlina Trubacova. Missing in this photo Adriana Telesca and Maciej Gladki.