New Staff Council – 2024-2025 mandate


At the end of last year, we informed you of the results of the elections to both the Staff Council (CP) and the Executive Committee (CE).


Since then, 7 staff representatives have resigned from the Staff Association. The composition of the Staff Council (CP) has therefore changed.


In the event of resignation, 3 options are provided by the regulations of the Association (Article V.2.8 and Article V.2.3 a of the Staff Association (SA) Articles of Association1 and Article R22 of the Election Rules2) to replace the resigning representatives:

  1. The organisation of partial elections in the Electoral Colleges affected by the resignation.
  2. The replacement of the resigning delegate(s) by a non-elected candidate from the same Electoral College and ranked highest on the reserve list.
  3. The cooption, on the President's proposal, of a candidate not elected at the last elections to fill the vacant post(s).

At its meeting on 16 January, the CP approved the replacement of four of the seven delegates who had resigned by non-elected delegate candidates from the same electoral Colleges as each of the resigning representatives.


In order to guarantee the integrity of this process, the Electoral Commission was consulted and confirmed that the proposed replacements complied with the rules.


With regard to the three other cases of resignation, for which there are no delegate candidates in the corresponding Electoral Colleges, the Staff Council decided at its meeting on 30 January:

  • to study the possibility of organising a partial election in the MPA College;
  • to coopt a non-elected candidate, in accordance with the legal framework and on the proposal of the President of the SA;
  • to approve a second cooptation proposal.


During the same meeting, the Staff representatives voted on the following appointments:

  • the representatives of the personnel in the Official Bodies ;
  • the departmental representatives of the Staff Association;
  • the head of commission of the Staff Association's internal committees;
  • the representatives of the personnel in the Organization's Working Groups.


In addition, the composition of the Jardin des Particules Management Committee, whose employer College members are appointed by the Executive Committee, was confirmed.

1 - Statuts de l’Association du personnel du CERN

2 - RèglementCP_2023

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