Le Jardin de Particules

By enrolling your child in the CERN Staff Association's Jardin des Particules, you are giving him or her the opportunity to develop in a privileged living environment, rich in different cultures and nationalities.


The primary aim of the GAC-EPA is to allow retired staff members to stay in touch with the CERN.

The Group shall have the aim of bringing together the beneficiaries of the Pension Fundand providing them with information on questions relating to their situation. It shall also aim to allow collective representation of pensioners to the Staff Associationsand the Administrations of the Organizations in all the areas which concern them, and thus to assure the best possible protection of their collective interests.

The Group shall also, according to the means available, provide its members with assistance in their personal initiatives and a framework for their activities as members of the Pension Fund.

“Permanences" for the use of its members wishing to have one of their problems studied by the GAC-EPA are organised on a regular basis.


Public events

Staff Association internal meetings

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