Le Jardin des Particules

“Le Jardin des Particules” is linked to CERN's history and aims to offer parents the best conditions for childcare in the region.

By enrolling your child in the CERN Staff Association's “Le Jardin des Particules”, you are giving him or her the opportunity to develop in a privileged living environment, rich in different cultures and nationalities.

“Le Jardin des Particules”, located on the CERN site in Meyrin, welcomes the children of members of personnel from 4 months (after maternity leave) to 6 years old. Childcare is provided from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:15 pm.

The Crèche welcomes babies from the end of maternity leave until the age of 4.

The School welcomes children from 4 to 6 years old. Pupils are prepared in the first and second primary (corresponding to the “moyenne” and “grande” sections in France) to continue their schooling in a public school in Switzerland or France or in a private school.

A canteen service is available for children enrolled for the day. In July, “Le Jardin des Particules” offers an optional childcare service for children from 0 to 4 years old and organizes an open-air center for children from 4 to 6 years old.

The common language is French and English awareness workshops are proposed for 4-6 year olds.


The education provided by “Le Jardin des Particules” should facilitate the adaptation of children to local conditions (their entry into school in particular) and their eventual reintegration in their country of origin.

“Le Jardin des Particules” offers a framework that favors the development of the personality of each child through an education that respects his individuality, helps him to develop his independence and his personal capacities, stimulates his desire to learn and his creative talents, awakens his sense of cooperation, friendship and peace, without distinction of nationality, sex, religion and social situation.

A pedagogy implemented on a daily basis: a Cooperative and active Pedagogy.

The children are actors and at the heart of their learning, accompanied by caring professionals who are attentive to their development.

The educational team is composed of about forty people trained in the Early Childhood professions (Teachers, Educators, Auxiliaries, Helpers).

It sets up an individualized follow-up by respecting as much as possible the rhythm of each person, their age, their needs within common rules linked to the community.

On a daily basis, the children evolve in a stimulating and secure environment allowing them to build themselves as individuals and increase their own capacities.

Management Committee

“Le Jardin des Particules” depends on the Staff Association. The latter entrusts the administration of “Le Jardin des Particules” to a Management Committee. The Staff Council appoints the representatives of the Association in this Committee according to the modalities described in the Statutes of “Le Jardin des Particules”.

The Committee is composed of seven members, six of whom are divided into three colleges:

  • the employer college, composed of three representatives of the CERN Staff Association (elected by the Staff Council for a three-year term, renewable) ;
  • the employee college, composed of a representative of the educators of Le Jardin des Particules (appointed for a one-year term by all the educators of Le Jardin des Particules) and a representative of “Le Jardin des Particules” auxiliaries (appointed for a one-year term by all le “Jardin des Particules” auxiliaries);
  • the parents' college, composed of a representative of the parents (designated for a one-year mandate by the representatives of the parents of each class following the election of these parents class by class);
  • and an ex officio member: the Director of “Le Jardin des Particules”.

Representatives of the CERN Staff Association

Valentina Clavel
IT- Information Technology
Valentina Clavel
Gunnar Lindell
HSE- Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit
Gunnar Lindell
Nicolas Salomon
PF-Pension Fund
Nicolas Salomon