Staff Council

Staff Council is the supreme representative body of the CERN personnel and pensioners.


The Staff Council shall be composed of staff delegates who represent ordinary and associated members and retired delegates who represent retired members, as follows:

  • 45 seats for delegates representing ordinary members;
  • 5 seats delegates representing associated members;
  • 7 seats for delegates representing pensioners.

Staff delegates are elected by members of the Staff Association of the electoral college to which they belong and for a mandate of two years.

Consult the list of your representatives.


The Council is competent, amongst others, to:

  • Determine the broad lines of the Association’s policy;
  • Supervise its implementation by the Executive Committee;
  • Elect the Executive Committee;
  • Put to a referendum a decision by the General Assembly or any matter of general interest to the staff;
  • Appoint staff representatives to bodies in which such representation is foreseen;
  • Appoint Association representatives in each Department;
  • Set up commissions and working groups; etc.

See the Statutes of the Association for more information.