Why become a member of the Staff Association?

The Staff Association exists because different categories of CERN staff come together to defend their rights and material and moral interests, as a group of persons or as individuals. The Staff Association is also a source of proposals, gaining respect in its role as a negotiating partner the more staff members it has behind it.

Furthermore, certain advantages in the social and cultural areas and for everyday life are available to members. In short, making your life easier and providing up-to-date information is also one of the missions of the Staff Association.

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

Employed Members of the Personnel

Staff members on a limited duration (LD) contract, fellows, graduates and apprentices pay a fixed contribution fee of 50 CHF is due per calendar year (1st January to 31st December). The current contribution rate is 0.2% of the annual basic salary for staff members on an indefinite contract (IC).

Associated Members of the Personnel

The annual contribution fee is 50 CHF per calendar year (1st January to 31st December).

How do I become a member

To become a member, you only need to fill out the online form.


As a member of the Staff Association, you can subscribe to the insurance loss of salary and benefit from our partners' offers.